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Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors

World economy enters 2013 in a condition where the interactions between countries and regions have increased and the fluctuations of economies have become more mutually dependant.
Being the fastest growing economy worldwide for Turkey will bring along different business opportunities in every sector. The power of Turkey in the region will increase. To pace growth by double-digit increases is becoming harder every year. Developments in Asia (especially China), Brazil, India and Russia are closely followed. Particularly, the increase in production and sales which is anticipated for the next 10 years in the world will result from these regions.

In an atmosphere where the world economy slows down, it is anticipated that Turkish economy would also slow down.At this stage, the most important item in the agenda is to minimise the effect of negative developments in external conjuncture on Turkey, increase competitiveness and sustain growth. It is inevitable for our country, which is confidently moving forward 2023 objectives, to achieve rapid and stable growth in medium and long term by prioritising R&D and innovation and increasing market diversity.

We will continue to provide the best for our customers and sustain our strong profile in the international area with our production approach at world standards and quality products. As a company, we are determined to be a manufacturer which increases the competitiveness of our country, carries our country into the future and directs the market not only in our country but in the global area as well, for the sector that we are operating. Accordingly, we will continue to take major steps with our power of production, export, employment and compete in world markets as well as our production and service quality at world standards.

Today, world's natural sources are under the threat of extinction due to the developments in technology and increasing population. As a result of the effective studies and anticipations of our economy management, macroeconomic stability has been sustained, concerns about current deficit has decreased, Turkey's credit note has increase and inflation has slowed down.
Although our anticipation for 2013 growth is 4%, I believe that Turkey necessitates at least 6% growth in medium and long term. Towards the second half of 2013, Europe to permanently, not temporarily overcome the crisis, depends both on structural reforms towards growth to be performed in güne countries and on succeeding in a new corporate structure across Eurozone. Turkey, as a member of international organizations, continues to do its best for peace and stability in the region.
I expect our companies to aim for leadership and grow rapidly in the sector that we operate in. We have all the means to grow rapidly. I believe that 2013 will be a new start for this rapid growth.

Kind regards.