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Message from the General Manager

Dear Stakeholders, Business Partners and Employees;

In today’s world, where continuous development and change is inevitable, our primary aim is to provide the solutions that our customers demand on time and with outstanding quality.
Our company continues its operations for the improvement of our production facilities in conditions which today and the future necessitates, with its international connection, customer oriented target policies and qualified experts.

As a company whose experience is based on the past and enthusiasm is based on today, to become a leader in the sector, to put our customers’ benefits before ours, continuous customer satisfaction principle and to be open to new ideas in the developing market conditions, are the reasons for the current success of our company.
Since the establishment of our company, our increased responsibilities as a result of controlled growth has forced us to constantly improve our products and services in order to provide full and effective solutions for our customer’s needs.
Our company has linked its corporate activities to domestic and foreign connections, education, technology and procedures. For us to become a company, which contributes to the determination of the standards of the beverage sector in Turkey, and to become an in-demand brand has been possible with your trust and support.
It is indispensable for our company and our employees to comply with our country laws and respect for general code of ethics.
In terms of social responsibility, to help our shareholders and to sustain strong, reliable and stable links with them are among our priorities.

For 2012 and beyond, our company aims to produce for the whole world with international standards. We plan to operate in line with today’s requirements, adapting to world parameters and without ignoring any technological development.
As a result of being an establishment, which produces in compliance with international standards, we own certificate of conformity to standards. Certification of our production approach, which is in compliance with world standards, is an important step for our establishment. We have proved the fact that we are an environmentally conscious industrial enterprise, with the relevant certificate. With these internationally accepted certificates, we have shown that we do not only operate with product standards but also system standards. Also, our establishment follows all technological developments and shows a significant performance so as to achieve the best each time.
As well as developing its own brands, our company performs production for other current national brands and aims to reduce its costs.
As well as our quality products, the quality of our employees who present these products, is also very important. In our current century, we live an information and technology era. Therefore, we reach our corporate aims at the highest level.
I hope 2013 to be a year with positive developments and I thank all of the enterprises that we are in cooperation with, all of our employees and customers, for their contribution and increasingly continuing support.
Kind regards,

General Manager